Dear guest,

On our estate we can offer you a safe and relaxing stay. Our services have been adapted and meet the guidelines of the Dutch government and The National Institute for Public Health. Would you like to book one of our packages? You can do this online and also by telephone: +31 (0) 577 407393

To Unwind

For three generations of fun and relaxation.
Yolanda Sörensen

Escape your hectic daily life. Do you want some fun activities with your family or friends, or would you rather unwind completely? It's all up to you – there aren't any obligations here.


to celebrate

Share your wishes with us - we'll turn them into dreams come true.
Sietske Doespers

Celebrate the precious moments in life together with your lover, your family and friends, all in exactly the way you wish.


to taste

Cooking with pure passion!
Dennis van den Beld

By combining flavours subtly and originally, I'll provide you with gastronomic ecstasy. I'd love to invite you to a unique culinary experience in our restaurant.


To Inspire

The peace and quiet of nature provides a fresh perspective and a clearer view.
Jon-Ivar Sörensen

Would you like an exciting mountainbike tour, a walk with a tasting session in the woods during your meeting or do you prefer hours of meetings in the office? My advice: let nature give you some fresh inspiration.