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“Welcome to Het Roode Koper. A monumental estate in the middle of the Veluwe with a rich history that has been in our family for three generations. Het Roode Koper feels like home away from home to our guests, and many have taken this wonderful place into their hearts. Here you'll experience the combination of timeless charm, a wealth of beautiful nature, culinary delights for the connoisseur and – above all – relaxation. A very warm welcome to you!”


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Every day again we are committed to giving our guests a memorable stay in our hotel. We are grateful for the positive comments that our guests personally share with us when checking out or let us know online by writing a review. We are therefore so much delighted to be one of the winners of the 2018 TripAdvisor TravelersChoice Hotels awards, category Best Hotels The Netherlands. Together with other top hotels we have received the highest score for the overall experience that guests enjoyed including service, facilities and quality/price ratio.


Our estate is part of the Leuvenum municipality, centrally located in the Netherlands. With a fast and efficient road network from the country's Randstad central region and all surrounding provinces, it’s ideal as a meeting point for families, friends and business contacts. In addition, it is very suitable as a base for discovering the rest of the Netherlands. Het Roode Koper is never far away.



Over one hundred years ago, there was apparently a miller who produced paper from old rags on the waters of the Leuvenumse Beek. He checked every single rag to remove the copper buttons. These he saved until he had a large box full. He then sold the buttons and used the money to build, on the crest of the loveliest hilltop in the woods, a house he christened “Het Roode Koper”.



Whether this tale is true or not, the fact is that in 1912 the Count of Limburg-Stirum founded the estate as we know it today, the villa with outbuildings and the landscaped garden in the English style. When the Count became the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies, new residents took possession in the 30s and 40s, including the Patijn family. After WWII, the estate was purchased by the Dutch National Trust, which primarily wanted to preserve the 2700 hectares of surrounding woodland. In 1947, the Van der Werf family took possession of Het Roode Koper with the idea of sharing this special spot with others by designating it as a hotel. The Sörensen family is the third generation of the family that now manages the estate.



Het Roode Koper is affiliated to Relais & Chateaux, an international network of independent hotels at special locations and with superior levels of hospitality and quality.

We are also member of Quality Lodgings, a collection of small-scale authentic hotels in the Benelux, Switzerland, Norway and the Netherlands Antilles.

Thanks to the location of our estate, deep in the woods of the Veluwe, Het Roode Koper maintains close contact with the Dutch National Trust. Together we ensure that the surrounding woodland is and remains accessible to our guests and that we protect the wildlife and nature.


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Hotel Landgoed Het Roode Koper
Jhr. Dr. C.J. Sandbergweg 82
3852 PV Leuvenum
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)577 40 73 93
Chamber of Commerce 08009025


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